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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i michele griego. we begin with some developing news out of new york city, two people are dead and nine others hurt after gunfire erupted outside of the empire state
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building. manuel gallegus joins us live from manhattan with the latest. >> well, we have two people dead in midtown manhattan, the alleged gunman, 53 rolled jeffrey johnson and the vice- president of the company were used to work. nine others were wounded here in midtown by gunfire. police say that johnson killed his former co-worker on the street out in front of where they used to work and then johnson was killed by police in front of the empire state building. police and emergency workers respond to a mass shooting outside of one of new york city most famous landmarks, it was around 9:00 a.m. when shots rang out near the empire state building on fifth avenue. the man identified as 53 year- old jeffrey johnson shot a former colleague were used to work. and then he got into a shootout with police outside of the empire state building. witnesses say the gunman started
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firing indiscriminately into the crowds of commuters and tourists. victims fell to the ground while others made it inside of the skyscraper lobby. >> we know that cops fired back, takes clearly show that he has the gun out trying to kill police officers. >> i saw a woman sitting up against a building with her foot that had been shot and i look halfway down, and this oppose the shooter was on the ground and he had been shot. >> emergency crews responding within minutes treating the injured and closing of some of the city's busiest streets, the 102 story empire state building is not only popular taurus but is also the tallest occupied office building. the fbi is now involved in the investigation into the shooting and so far there is no apparent link to terrorism. new york mayor michael blumberg says that some of the nine victims that were shot here outside were shot by police in the confusion and in the exchange, about possible gunfire
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exchange that happened this morning. the investigation continues and those people that were wounded are all expected to survive. fifth avenue is back open to traffic. that is the latest from midtown manhattan. back to you. >> thank you so much. well, police in san jose just opened their 33rd homicide case of the year, there have been eight murders there in the past week and half and all that happening in one of the so- called safest big cities in america, ann mackovic is here with how san jose is now fighting back. >> the gang members in the city are feeling emboldened, they are carrying weapons when it would not carry weapons before. >> after eight murders in the past 11 days san jose leaders are in crisis mode with diminished resources and increasing crime. >> if your concern about what is going on in your neighborhood and now was the time to organize because and organized neighborhoods has the capacity to help us immensely >> latest murder happened last night soon after a community
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anti violence march wrapped up . and 18 year-old man was shot, and died at hospital, the 33rd victim of homicide in san jose this year. >> what we have here is capay 10 weeks anomaly that the city is not used to. >> in 201128 people were killed at this point in the year and 14 had gang ties, this year, of 33 homicides, 13 were gang-related, the city has released over $800,000 from the general fund to pay for police overtime costs, getting as many officers on the street as they can. >> it will not last forever but it will certainly get us through the next several months. >> the gang task force will continue its work to try and stop gang violence before it starts knowing that a press conference like this is not going to change much. >> we recognize that we will be using multimedia, any nuances that use our hip to, to keep up
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with them. >> more bay area headlines, a fire caused extensive damage to a house early this morning in brentwood, fire crews arrived on the scene in the 500 block of second street at about 515 m but fortunately no one was injured, because and origin of the fire are still under investigation. police say that suspicious items found at an apartment building in san fransisco were not hazardous. the bomb squad was called in during the early morning hours to examine a dozen types as well as ammunition. more than 70 people had to evacuate and several streets in the tenderloin were closed. some good news today for firefighters in east contra costa county, fema giving the fire destroyed nearly $8 million and as cate caugurian shows us, the money will allow shuddered fire stations to reopen. >> east contra costa fire protection got an early but welcomed wake-up call this morning.
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>> this morning at 2:00 a.m. we received an e-mail from fema stating that we had been awarded a safer ground for two years, what that means for the district is that $7.8 million. >> the grant will let the district reopen closed fire stations and rehire firefighters that lost their jobs as well as hiring new ones. the board of directors laid-off 15 firefighters and closed at three stations after voters rejected a proposed parcel tax in june. >> this is a very good shot of energy for the district, to get to go back and help the community with a better service model to cover the area. >> getting the grant was a long process for the district, the applied three times, the grant was created by congress to address concerns over the adequacy of fire staffing which was a hard reality for east contra costa county >> crews have been working very hard handling between 18 and 19 calls per day, covering 249 square miles of the district. we have been very busy handling
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emergencies. >> new money should kick in in three months, as good as the news is, this is only a temporary fix. >> this is only giving us a two- year window to have to fix a major problem within the district because we are still going to have financial issues after two years. but, is giving us some time to work with the community to put a service model together that everyone can work with. >> the board of directors will hold a special meeting next wednesday to discuss how to accept the grant and start the process going. in brentwood, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> one of america's most celebrated athletes lost everything he ever won. the anti doping agency's stripped lance armstrong of his seven titles, and also slapped the cyclist with a lifetime ban after and he gave up the fight to clear himself of doping charges, on his website he writes " there comes a point in every man's life when he has to say " enough is enough ". and for me that time is now.
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the decision stunned many in the cycling world. >> i definitely would have expected him to fight all the way to the grave to clear his name. >> armstrong has never failed a drug test but in recent years several teammates have said that they witnessed the cycling legend inject banned substances. the golden state warriors are pursuing an aggressive timeline to build a new ring on the waterfront, under the proposal that would enter into a long- term lease and privately finance an arena at pier 30 and 32. the team needs three years to build a first the project must get approval from local and state agencies and even some supporters are concerned. >> i think the environmental issues will be the ones that create the problem, it was, after all, i am not sure that there is a clear interpretation of whether or not you can put that kind of a facility on the coastline, or on the day.
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>> the warriors are already negotiating with the port of san fransisco, in the fall a term fee will go to the city's board of directors, the goal is to have the arena open by 2017. onto the campaign trail, the economic philosophy that may help or hurt the presidential a republican ticket. and a new rule that would make it easier for women to get birth control. but first, up before dawn to score free dental services, where people camped out for fillings and root canals? >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, a lot of stuff born on this weekend in the bay area, will the w,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> in sacramento at least 2000
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people lined up before dawn for free dental care, some camping out overnight at cal expo, the california dental association sponsored the clinic, there offering cleanings and fillings and extraction's and root canals among other services, organizers estimate 1500 people will get free service. some modest gains on wall street today, right now the dow is up, about 70 points, rebounding from earlier in the day when the market fell 30 points after the government reported that sales of durable goods were down in july. on to campaign 2012, the republicans hope to get people refocus on economic issues as the party's national convention in tampa approaches, mitt romney and his running mate are in michigan today trying to move beyond what they consider distractions on medicare and abortion. today ryan talked about the gop ticket economic philosophy. >> we do not think the government's job is to
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redistribute the slices of the pie under their vision of equity. we want to grow the pie so that everyone in america as their chance at the american dream. >> mitt romney filling in some details about his energy plan, he wants to open more federal land in sites offshore to drilling and grade a large number of jobs in the process. next, how sacramento may change the way women access birth control. and watch out for rabid bats. the bay area water spot where people have spotted them. >> that sounds scary, we have sunshine showing up in the valleys, still patchy fog at th,
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>> a san fransisco public health department is warning people near lake merced to watch out for rabid bats. five animal stricken with the disease have turned up in the area since april. the city has given out fliers in the area warning people to be where. >> i am keeping my eye out. however bats in the daytime? i don't think so. >> you ever come out here at night? can >> not on your life. >> the vast majority of bats do not carry rabies but you should keep your pets away from them and never handle one yourself. if you come across an injured or dead back, give animal control a call, do not try to pick one up.
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>> is that right? have you ever seen them in the evening? they just buzz around. crown to the bay area we're seeing clearing skies, a lot of sunshine as we get into the afternoon inside of the bay, for many of the valleys as well. we will be in for some changes over the weekend as high pressure is no where to be found, we have a trough on the west coast and temperatures warming up nicely, 79 degrees and livermore and 73 in oakland, 67 degrees in oakland. a lot of clear skies in the valley as well. tazing out there, it will stay cool along the coastline, mild side of the day with temperatures running below the average and will likely cool down as we head throughout the weekend. we have a flat ridge moving in along the coastline, a trough for a year starting to dig in and moving to the bay area over the weekend and that will help too deep in the marine layer and in cooler tempters for the weekend. well below the average with highs only topping out in the mid 80s at the warmest parts of the bay area by sunday.
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a tropical storm to talk about, i is it is spinning out there right now just beginning to organize and put itself together, you can see more of a rotation. sustained winds of 60 m.p.h., it will move on shore into cuba as we head to the next 24 hours thaw, is still strong couple storm running into very warm water, hitting hurricane strength as a weak hurricane, category 1, late tuesday into wednesday on the panhandle of florida. at temperatures around the bay area today, friday looking good, 70 degrees in san jose and 85 degrees in morgan hill. is the senators in the '80s, a lot of '70s and breezy inside of the delta and inside of the bay you will see a lot of sixties there. as we looked out over the next couple of days we will cool down some pitchers throw out the weekend, monday and tuesday starting to warm up slightly, returning to 90s as we head through the middle of this next week but do not forget, we have the indy grand prix, i know that
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you are big on cars and this looks like a great weekend to do that. it can sometimes get really hot out there, but looking good with temperatures in the mid-70s. i am a huge racing fan. >> big baseball fan? >> yes. >> do love the petaluma little league team? >> they're the best. >> speaking of petaluma, their two wins away from a little league world series championship. there you go everyone is cheering for them, yesterday they beat a team from san antonio 11/1. fans in petaluma once again packs the boulevard cinemas to watch the game live. >> it is amazing. i cannot believe it. petaluma is on the map. >> call their next game, the u.s. final, tomorrow against tennessee. richmond residents are starting to see advertisements against a proposed tax on sugar sweetened drinks on the november ballot. opponents have outspent supporters by about 50 to one.
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the contra costa times reports a group backed by the american beverage association has spent more than $350,000, tax supporters have spent about $7,300. california may be on the verge of changing the rules for birth control. a new bill inching closer to becoming a law would make it faster and easier for women to get access and as dr. scam explains, it would not need to see a doctor. >> this 22 year-old californian that did not wish to be identified believes that access to birth control is critical for women to be able to plan their futures and their families. >> i have other plans, and a career, and i don't think that right now i would be able to take care of a child away that i would want to. so i'm going to keep myself protected and later in life start a family. >> women like her may soon be able to get birth control easily. in sacramento the state senate just approved a bill that would allow her to simply see a nurse
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in order to get a hormonal contraceptives. >> this is great news for women in california. >> director of communications for planned parenthood says it is about improving access to care. >> women, even today, wait a long time to be able to get in to see their doctor, just to get simple birth control pills. >> the assembly bill would authorize registered nurses to dispense birth control under a standardized procedure. >> we follow the standard as procedure, take blood pressure and counsel them to ensure that they are getting the contraception that is going to work the best for them. >> supporters of the bill note that hormonal contraceptives are one of the most widely studied medications, used by millions of women every day and in many countries it is sold over-the- counter. the proposed legislation would apply to the pill, patch, ring and injection but it would not apply to the messages that need to be inserted. and as for adding nurses to the mix? >> i fingers is being able to help with that, i think it is a
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good idea. i do not see why there should be a downside. >> not everyone supports the bill, today women need to see a nurse practitioner or a doctor before getting hormonal contraceptives. the bill now goes back to the assembly for a final vote and if it passes it will land on the governor's desk and if it becomes law it will take effect january 1st. dr. kim, cbs 5. >> most brides want a grand entrance on their wedding day but a couple in southern california ended up flying over their wedding party. the couple donned a water power packs along with their wedding garb in orange county yesterday. he is a former wedding planner and she wanted her wedding in newport beach to be unique, and there you go. they got it. a cute new patients for veterinarians at the san diego zoo. what the cubs first medical what the cubs first medical checkup lastedwow,y three,,,,,,,
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they are, the better they will be. nice and dark. free from shriveling. take a look at this light. see how beautiful this is? stay away from the red ones, the darker the better. when you bring them home simply store them on the counter and not in the refrigerator. loaded with flavor and nutritional value, the italian sugar plums are where it is apt. when i see them on the market i buy them by in five towns and i bring them home and my family enjoys it. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that is so sweet. >> he says that about peaches, you should not put them in the refrigerator. >> i want them cold. >> apparently there better not cold. the first check up of a giant panda bear cub, experts at the san diego zoo had three minutes to examine the 25 day old cub, isn't he cute? the mother left
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the den to eat breakfast and they said he looked pretty healthy weighing in at 1.5 lbs.. both the mother and the baby will stay in the den for several months until the cubs makes its public debut. >> he was actually pretty calm for that hole event. >> he is so cute. that is going to do for us. >> it's the weekend? beautiful. >> have a great weekend everyone.
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